Audio Services

What do we do? Well, Information Messages –Telephone Answering Voice Messages, Staff Information, Reception Announcements, Waiting Room Messages – actually the list is as big as your imagination.

In Store Information Systems – Customers respond to quality customer services messages, we can supply those regularly used messages that point your customers in the direction YOU want them to go. Special offers? No problem we can produce those messages at very short notice. We can supply and maintain fully automated in store audio systems. Hotels, Pubs and Bars too can have their own automated radio stations playing their music and their announcements.

Radio Commercials & TV Voice Overs – Trailers, Public Information Inserts – from voices to full production.

Corporate Media – Corporate Training Films, Promotional Items.

Radio Programs/Voice Tracking/Radio Production – Whether it is regular programming, Voice Tracking for the hard to fill shifts (remember a voice keeps a station sounding alive), or produced inserts all can be delivered to your studio via the Internet. Our studio currently produces regular programming for the Legendary Radio Caroline and has recently produced programs for Forest FM (Dorset, UK), Pirate FM in Tenerife and has in the past Produced Programs for Radio Seagull 1602 (Holland) and Inserts for My Spirit Radio (Internet).

We now offer a full Podcast production service.