The 90′s

3LO (Not the one in Oz!)

In the 90’s I found myself married, mortgaged, doing a real job and out in the desert in the Middle East and surprise, surprise there was a small local station run by Brits. It was not a licensed station in the true sense of the word but it had been broadcasting for such a long time in the desert that the authorities either were not aware of its presence or just chose to ignore it. It was a low power FM station whose signal struggled to get beyond the sand dunes so it was not going to be noticed by any one outside of the country. However it was a great opportunity for me to try my hand at radio again and I spent many a happy hour broadcasting to the camels the odd goat and a lrge number of guys in uniform heading off to do some serious grown up stuff.

I can’t lay my hands on any photo’s of the studio’s so if any one has photo’s please send me a copy!